There are so many websites out there claiming to have a cure for almost anything. If there was a cure, it would spread around the world in minutes. We spend so much time searching the internet for a glimmer of hope. How does one make a educated decision on what novel treatment might work.

When is the right time to start looking into a novel treatment, when all else has failed? For me it was now, I can also do something to try and fight this cancer now and not wait until there is no other choice.

I used various cancer centers around the country, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic. Then there is abstracts called PubMeds which are studies and trials that have been performed in many different areas. You can usually find everything you need to know about the treatment that you are researching.

Your diet is also important because what you eat can also help your body fight back. Veggies are a great, eating broccoli, anything with color is good for you. Cutting back on red meat and fried foods, eating more fish and poultry, and don’t forget to keep your fiber up. Anything you can get that is organic is also better. Eat some walnuts every day, or a mixture of nuts and eating fruit will also be a benifit.

Don’t forget to discuss this with your doctor, you don’t want to use something that might interfer with your current treatment.