Why is it that some doctors tell us things about what stage we are when they have little knowledge of what it is we really have.

I have seen or heard of doctors telling their patients that they are a certian stage when they really don’t know what stage you are. There is a difference between Clark Level, Breslow’s Depth and the staging of the cancer. This causes undue stress and anxiety that we could do without. To make a claim that someone has something and then it turns out to be very much different. If they are going to make statements, they should be knowledgeable about the subject. We trust doctors with our lives, they should be alot more cautious about the statements they make.

For 3 months I was planning on my death, only to find out that I wasn’t stage 4 but stage 2. This rollercoaster ride is one I never wish to take again. I know I will never bother with a hospital around here again, its better to go with a cancer center then to rely on local hospital that has limited experience in dealing with cancer.